06-29【Nicola Gigli】ZOOM 几何分析系列报告


题  目:Lipschitz continuity of harmonic maps from RCD to CAT(0) spaces

报告人:Nicola Gigli(SISSA, Italy)

时间:2022年6月29日 16:00-17:00 北京时间 (Zoom 会议)


会议号:459 005 7058


报告摘要: In ‘classical’ geometric analysis a celebrated result by Eells-Sampson grants Lipschitz continuity of harmonic maps from manifolds with Ricci curvature bounded from below to simply connected manifolds with non-negative sectional curvature. All these concepts, namely lower Ricci bounds, upper sectional bounds and harmonicity, make sense in the setting of metric-measure geometry and is therefore natural to ask whether the same sort of regularity holds in this more general setting. In this talk I will survey a series of recent papers that ultimately answer affirmatively to this question.